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About Aquaria boutique hotel & eco resort

Boutique hotel & eco resort in Bali - Aquaria Bali - a peaceful eco resort in Candi Dasa

When you step into Aquaria in Candi Dasa, a sense of peace pervades your soul. It’s a magical place that lets you leave the worries of your world behind and truly unwind.

Some say the tranquillity of Aquaria helps them to find the answers they’ve been looking for. Others say it helps them to shed a load they’ve been carrying on their shoulders.

TripAdvisor reviewers say it’s a fantastic place to stay and to dine.

Aquaria has been ranked the best accommodation in Candi Dasa by Trip Advisor since 2011 and Agoda reviews are just as glowing.

No matter why you come to Aquaria, this special environment will help to sooth your senses, recharge your batteries and find an equilibrium that’ll renew your sense of purpose and clarity of mind.

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The feeling of utter peace and wellbeing you experience at Aquaria doesn’t happen by chance

The feeling of utter peace and wellbeing you experience at Aquaria doesn’t happen by chance.

Everything we do keeps this eco resort in harmony with the environment and promotes only good energy, from the things you see to the things you don’t.

Our cleaning processes use natural cleaners without harsh chemicals that dry and irritate skin as well as leach into the soil. Our pool contains only minor levels of chlorine, to stay clean and clear.

If you’ve stayed in other places in Bali, you’ll know the towels are often hard and stiff from the chemicals used to wash them. At Aquaria, they’re soft and absorbent due to our gentle cleaning process and natural cleaning products.

It’s these small but important things that combine to make Aquaria so special.

When you travel to Aquaria Bali, travel mindfully

There’s nothing like the excitement of planning a trip to a foreign land and it’s easy to put together an ambitious itinerary because you don’t want to miss a thing.

But, it’s only when you stop, breathe and absorb what’s around you that your real Balinese experience begins.

If you've ever stepped into a place where you felt utterly at home, you'll know what we mean when we say Aquaria is more than a little bit special and it's not a place to rush through. 

If our guests have any regrets when they leave, it's that they didn't plan to stay longer. Didn't have the time to truly take in the atmosphere, the food and the experience.

Don’t just look at the sights; make sure you truly see them. Don’t zoom past monuments, markets and people; take the time to find out about them.

When you travel mindfully, you immerse yourself in your surroundings and your experience is immeasurably enriched. 

Travel mindfully... and take home indelible memories.

We go a long way and take exceptional care to select top quality produce for meals at Aquaria

Aquaria Bali is founded on the principle of giving. When you travel to Bali, we offer you a tranquil, soothing place to stay where you love to relax on the veranda or in the pool and watch the ocean.

Where the thought of coming back to your own, peaceful corner of paradise is an enjoyable as your sightseeing (and you don’t feel guilty if all you want to do is relax by the pool after a massage in our spa).

Where the anticipation of breakfast, lunch and dinner at Aquaria makes your mouth water so you look forward to seeing what’s fresh on the menu every day.

There are fantastic dining choices all around Candi Dasa… but there’s nothing quite like the restaurant at Aquaria.

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Ironised, fresh, clean drinking water… just another way Aquaria Resort and restaurant deliver an exceptional experience in East Bali

You can get a nasty case of ‘Bali belly’ by accidentally getting water in your mouth while showering, or rinsing your toothbrush.

It’s even hard to know whether your salad or cocktail ice has had an encounter with contaminated water and trust us when we say, nothing will ruin your dream holiday faster than a stomach that just won’t stay still.

As a result, bottled water is a big industry in Bali. Plastic bottles are a significant contributor to pollution, not to mention a drain on your holiday budget.

At Aquaria, fresh, clean drinking water is free with our compliments whether you’re a guest at our boutique hotel or dining at Aquaria’s Candi Dasa restaurant .

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