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About Aquaria boutique hotel & eco resort

You can get a nasty case of ‘Bali belly’ by accidentally getting water in your mouth while showering, or rinsing your toothbrush.

It’s even hard to know whether your salad or cocktail ice has had an encounter with contaminated water and trust us when we say, nothing will ruin your dream holiday faster than a stomach that just won’t stay still.

As a result, bottled water is a big industry in Bali. Plastic bottles are a significant contributor to pollution, not to mention a drain on your holiday budget.

At Aquaria, fresh, clean drinking water is free with our compliments whether you’re a guest at our boutique hotel or dining at Aquaria’s Candi Dasa restaurant .

We take mountain spring water and ionise it. Twice.

This process runs water over copper and silver electrodes to remove the bacteria that cause stomach and digestive upsets and the resulting water is then double filtered to ensure it's pure, clear and good for you.

We don't sell plastic bottles and we refill and reuse every plastic bottle within the resort. 

Ionised, fresh, clean drinking water… just another way Aquaria resort and restaurant deliver an exceptional experience in East Bali.

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