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About Aquaria boutique hotel & eco resort

There’s nothing like the excitement of planning a trip to a foreign land and it’s easy to put together an ambitious itinerary because you don’t want to miss a thing.

But, it’s only when you stop, breathe and absorb what’s around you that your real Balinese experience begins.

If you've ever stepped into a place where you felt utterly at home, you'll know what we mean when we say Aquaria is more than a little bit special and it's not a place to rush through. 

If our guests have any regrets when they leave, it's that they didn't plan to stay longer. Didn't have the time to truly take in the atmosphere, the food and the experience.

Don’t just look at the sights; make sure you truly see them. Don’t zoom past monuments, markets and people; take the time to find out about them.

When you travel mindfully, you immerse yourself in your surroundings and your experience is immeasurably enriched. 

Travel mindfully... and take home indelible memories.

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